Tintin In The Congo

Tintin in the Congo begins with Tintin and Snowy departing from Antwerp on a ship bound for the Belgian Congo. Snowy has several accidents on board the ship, including an encounter with a stowaway, but eventually they arrive safe and well at Matadi. Here, they rent a Ford Model T and hire a boy called Coco. They set out into the depths of the Congo, where Tintin hunts numerous animals.

Upon returning to Coco, Tintin finds that his car has been stolen by a white man whom Snowy recognises as the stowaway. They recover the car but the man escapes.

Later on, Tintin, Snowy and Coco find their way to a native village. However, the man who stole the car joins forces with the village medicine man, and unsuccessfully tries several times to dispose of Tintin. In his last attempt, the criminal (named as Tom) tries to hang Tintin above a river full of crocodiles so that they can eat him, but Tintin is rescued by a Belgian missionary.

Tintin and Snowy are taken to a missionary station where the ever-persistent Tom once again tries to get at Tintin. Tintin resolves to end this, and in their final struggle it is Tom that is eaten by crocodiles, though Tintin did not intend it.

Tintin finds a letter giving Tom instructions to kill him. The letter is signed A.C., which stands for Al Capone, who is operating a diamond smuggling ring in the Congo. Tintin reveals the operation, and the gang is captured.

Finally Tintin can get back to enjoying the African wildlife. However, he and Snowy end up getting chased by a horde of buffalo. Before they are trampled, a plane swoops down and saves them. They are to be taken home in order to prepare for their next adventure.

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